Know Your Heart Health: Fun Facts & Tips

The more you know, the more likely you’ll make better choices for your heart. That’s why we’re excited to share interesting and helpful facts and tips that will make you love your heart that much more!

1. We always knew music was good for the soul, but who knew it was this good for your heart?

Heart Health Month Facts and Tips Music

2. Wine enthusiasts, rejoice! But remember, everything in moderation. Cheers! 

Heart Health Month Facts and Tips Wine

3. All you need is to jog for 150 minutes a week – that’s 2 hours and 30 minutes! You can do it. 

Heart Health Month Facts and Tip Exercise

4. Or 60 minutes (aka 1 hour) per week of intense exercise. Think high intensity training (HIIT).

Heart Health Month Tip Exercise

5. Your heart is powerful. Emotionally and physically!

Heart Health Facts and Tips Heartbeat

6. Who knew the heart could be so big? 

Heart Fact Month Facts Tips Size Clasp

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